Distributed Software System Laboratory

Research and development of software for software

At our laboratory, all of us gather twice a week to confirm progresses made in our research and to take turns in explaining the contents of a book, written in English or Japanese, that has been selected by us prior to the meeting. Through these activities, we not only complement each other’s unknown areas and acquire diverse knowledge and technologies but also brush up our ability to write logically. Outside of our research, we also have a fun time thoroughly communicating with each other. We sometimes go out together for drinks as well.
Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name FUKUDA, Hiroaki
Academic Society ACM
Information Processing Society of Japan
Keyword Software, Networks, Ubiquitous

Study Fields

For Society

We will help develop software capable of transferring data and conditions seamlessly in a ubiquitous ecology where all kinds of devices are connected to networks.

Research Themes