Designing the future of people, water and the earth.

We are examining the impacts on humans brought on by changes in the earth’s environment by focusing on water (such as making estimates on the risk of flooding due to global warming). One of the important pillars of civil engineering is flood control in the context of water resources. The study of hydraulics helps in designing of dams and other physical aspects, while hydrology involves research on the interactions between water and humans, which contribute to society from interdisciplinary aspects of such study which includes meteorology, climatology, geography, agriculture, and humanities. This field is recommended for students who want to learn and utilize a broad range of knowledge.
Civil Engineering
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Academic Society
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japan Society of Hydrology and Water resources
American Geophysical Union
Global environment, Numerical analysis, Water cycle, Water resources, Flooding

Study Fields

Civil engineering
Environmental engineering

For Society

We aim at generating basic scientific data for use by the national and local governments and foreign countries for river and land management, water-related disaster mitigation and global environment protection.

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