Social and Educational Psychology Laboratory

Scientific examinations into the human mind

Our laboratory conducts research related to social skill education for students — from elementary school to university — to foster their abilities at communication and smoothing out of interpersonal relationships. We are also conducting research on how to train children with developmental disorders, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder to maintain smooth interpersonal relationships. We research civil engineering themes from psychological perspectives. The topics related to social psychology include investigation and analysis of psychological factors in evaluating landscapes, the exploration of ways to build consensus and surveys and education on disaster mitigation awareness.
Civil Engineering
Faculty Name
OKADA, Yoshiko
Academic Society
The Japanese Association of educational Psychology
The Japanese Psychological Association
Japan Society for Educational Technology
Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming
The Japanese Association of Counseling Science
The Behaviormetric Society
Japan Academy of Learning Disabilities
The japan Association for School Mental Health
The Japanese Association of Health Psychology
Teacher training courses, Educational program development, Career education

Study Fields

Educational psychology
Social psychology
Educational engineering

For Society

Education in social skills involves the development of the ability to understand problems in interpersonal relationships with the aim of resolving those problems and the explicit teaching of problem-solving skills. Research in social skills will lead to discovery of problem-solving skills that are usable in various fields throughout a person’s life.

Research Themes