Geomechanics Laboratory

Developing technologies to protect people’s livelihood from ground-related disasters

Our laboratory is conducting research on technologies to mitigate ground-related disasters triggered by earthquakes and other events by examining the properties of the ground. A major earthquake results in liquefaction along coastlines and of reclaimed land and causes considerable damages to houses and other buildings. We study the mechanism that triggers liquefaction and other ground-related disasters, conduct experiments and analyze their results to find measures to prevent liquefaction.
Affiliation Civil Engineering
Faculty Name NAMIKAWA, Tsutomu
Academic Society The Society of Materials Science, Japan
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
The Society of Materials Science, Japan
Keyword Ground, Mechanics, Disaster mitigation, Numerical analyses

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The results of our laboratory’s research are used for predicting liequefaction caused by earthquakes and creating the technologies to reinforce the ground to prevent earthquake-triggered liquefaction and other consequences.

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