Material Design Laboratory

Addressing the future of concrete, a pivotal factor in urban foundations.

Concrete is a ubiquitous building material and we come across it at least once a day. It is an essential material that ensures the durability of structures so that we enjoy a safe and comfortable, societal life. But, to construct with concrete, we must know its characteristics, mechanisms that give strength to concrete structures and manage their maintenance. Our laboratory is trying to find optimal solutions that are less costly and eco-friendly, while considering their required functions. We take chemical approaches to building urban edifices in which the residents can live safely and comfortably.
Affiliation Civil Engineering
Faculty Name IYODA, Takeshi
Academic Society Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japan Concrete Institute
Keyword Concrete, Cement, Urban regeneration, Environmental burdens, Sustainable, Chemistry, Composite materials, Career education

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We research material aspects in addition to safety issues for designing safe, eco-friendly concrete structures.

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