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Exploring effective transportation planning based on human behavior surveys

Good transportation plans aim at providing the means of transportation that are safe, comfortable and convenient for the people. Such plans should entail low construction and maintenance management costs; provide for new means of transportation to help cities to retain their shine for half a century. Even those people who do not use the transportation system should feel happy with the plan. To make such a plan, our laboratory develops technologies to conduct mathematical analyses of people’s behavior in the context of transportation and the extent of the contribution that improved transportation systems will make to revitalize the region. We also develop technologies to make predictions on these aspects based on the analyses.
Civil Engineering
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Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
World Conference on Transport Research Society
Transportation plans, Human behavior simulations, Disaster mitigation

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 Civil engineering

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A technology to predict the demand for transportation, which our laboratory developed, is used in making urban railway plans in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Many of our graduates are engaged in transportation planning at central and local governments (including prefectural governments), think tanks and consulting firms, while some of them are working with our university to make such plans.

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