Sociology of Education Laboratory

Thinking about education from broad social perspectives

We are conducting research based on educational sociology, which analyzes education from sociological perspectives. Our laboratory deals with social phenomena and educational issues by establishing hypotheses, collecting data and analyzing/interpreting them in collaboration with our students. With the advancement of information-intensive education, it is desirable to develop technologies based on the needs of students and teachers at elementary, middle and high schools. With regard to our laboratory’s association with engineering, we can identify such educational and social needs and conduct basic research to make technological proposals.
Civil Engineering
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Academic Society
The Japanese Society of Educational Sociology
Japanese Association of Higher Education Research
Japan Association for College and University Education
Educational sociology, Teacher training, Education in information and communication technologies, Career education, Social surveys

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Through empirical research on the awareness and needs of people, at school and in society in general, it is possible to propose effective ways to develop education that better fits reality.

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