Extending the lifespan of steel structures!

It has been 40–50 years since many of the steel bridges we now use were constructed. Many of these bridges, which have enriched people’s lives for decades, are showing signs of aging (deterioration), such as fatigue and corrosion. We are doing research for creating technologies and plans to rejuvenate aging bridges and prolong their lifespan.
Affiliation Civil Engineering
Faculty Name ANAMI, Kengo
Academic Society Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japanese Society of Steel Construction
Keyword Bridge designs, Maintenance management, Fatigue fracture, Bonding technologies, Durability

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We making the utmost effort to improve the technologies used for enhancing the durability of steel structures and the management of their maintenance. We are exploring the topics related to fatigue, including methods to evaluate and boost the fatigue strength of structures. We also develop technologies to contribute to the prevention of wear and tear to machinery, in shipbuilding to build more durable ships and in other fields in addition to bridges.

Research Themes