Laboratory for Earthquake-disaster Mitigation

Mitigating the damages from earthquakes

In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake reminded us once again how nature can bring about a catastrophe. It is said that Japan has entered into a seismic activity period since around 1995 when the Great Hanshin Earthquake struck western Japan. The Tokyo metropolitan area where our university is located is said to have a 70-percent probability of being struck by an earthquake of magnitude 7 within 30 years. Our laboratory is developing methods to easily evaluate the earthquake resistance of the ground and structures in order to reduce possible damage from earthquakes, while providing local residents and children education on disaster preparedness.
Affiliation Civil Engineering
Faculty Name KONNO, Katsuaki
Academic Society Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Architectural Institute of Japan
Keyword Earthquakes, Disaster mitigation, Seismic isolation, Safety, peace of mind, Active faults, Crisis management, Seismic reduction, Ground, Earthquake resistant structures

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Our laboratory is developing a simple method to estimate how the ground shakes during an earthquake by measuring the oscillations of the ground at normal times. This method will make it possible to formulate effective measures against earthquakes.

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