River and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Assisting in the maintenance of rivers to keep the balance between human activities and nature

We are developing river technologies that will serve as the bridge between environmental management in river basins and river channel planning. We study social environments in river basins with regards to the use of land and economic activities, as well as various river engineering problems in dealing with natural phenomena (such as flooding, drought, and river ecosystem shifts) in the comprehensive framework of a “basin.” By researching the areas such as riparian vegetation, river basins management, analyzing river-water temperature and the relationship between the terrain of river basins and land use, we aim to realize safe and sustainable river environments in which people can attain peace of mind.
Civil Engineering
Faculty Name
Academic Society
 American Geophysical Union, Ecology and Civil Engineering Society,       
Safety, peace of mind, Basin environments, River channel planning, Flooding, Water resources, Ecosystems

Study Fields

・Water engineering and hydraulics
・River engineering
・Environmental hydraulics
・Environmental fluid mechanics
・Basin environment theory

For Society

We are developing technologies to control floods to ensure the safety of the people living by the riverbanks and bring them peace of mind by conserving water resources to meet their needs in times of drought. We are studying engineering methods to maintain stable river ecosystems all around the year and technologies to help improve the social infrastructure throughout the river basins.

Research Themes