Mathematics Education Laboratory

Supporting students opting to become middle or high school math teachers and researching on mathematics pedagogy.

Our laboratory is supporting students who wish to become middle or high school mathematics teachers and researching into mathematics pedagogy. Our attempt is, in particular, to encourage the students to proactively acquire mathematical skills. In researching on mathematics pedagogy, we are practically studying (a) super science high schools that collaborate with middle schools and universities, (b) the use of the history of mathematics in math education, (c) utilization of technologies in math education and (d) ways to enhancing the ability to give math lectures during teaching practices at school.
Civil Engineering
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Academic Society
Japan Society of Mathematical Education
Mathematics Education Society of Japan
The Japan Statistical Society
Mathematics education, Research on classes, Education using information and communication technologies, Training teachers, History of mathematics, Education on science and technology

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Mathematics pedagogy
Information science

For Society

In modern-day math education, teachers are required to constantly seek effective instruction methods so that children understand mathematics. Against this backdrop, our laboratory strives to train mathematics teachers to be able to perform well from the moment they are employed.

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