Social Infrastructure Management Laboratory

 Aiming to solve social infrastructure management issues both in Japan and abroad from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Social infrastructure plays a critical role in sustainable development, so it is important to explore and understand the relationship between infrastructure, society, economy, and the environment. As such, interdisciplinary and internationally-oriented research is indispensable for tackling these multidimensional issues. This laboratory aims to provide education and carry out research activities on the development and application of evaluation methods, planning and design tools, and management strategies that can flexibly adapt to diverse needs, with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable world.
College of Engineering Civil Engineering
Faculty Name HENRY Michael
Academic Society Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japan Concrete Institute, Institute of Social Safety Science, Asian Concrete Federation
Keyword Social infrastructure, sustainability, interdisciplinary research, international technology transfer, social vulnerability, analytics

Study Fields

For Society

Contribute to the safety and equitability of diverse societies by clarifying the relationship between social infrastructure and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Research Themes