Concrete Structure Laboratory

Checking the health of concrete structures.

Chunks of concrete that come off from the walls of expressway tunnels and other concrete structures have caused a number of accidents and posed a major threat to people’s safety. The myth of concrete structures being maintenance-free has thus collapsed and caused us to take appropriate maintenance management measures. Our laboratory is researching and developing monitoring systems that employ non-destructive inspection technologies to detect anomalies in concrete structures.
Affiliation Civil Engineering
Faculty Name KATSUKI, Futoshi
Academic Society Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japan Concrete Institute
Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute
Keyword Concrete, Reinforced concrete structures, Maintenance management, Bridge design, Measurement technologies, Structural mechanics, Cement, Design, New materials

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In August 2007, a bridge over the River Mississippi in the United States collapsed and resulted in a dozen deaths. The accident happened even though the bridge was regularly inspected. It is possible that Japan will suffer such an unexpected bridge collapse. It is, therefore, an urgent task to develop a monitoring system for concrete structures.

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