Organic Electron Transfer Chemistry Laboratory

Contributing to green chemistry 

The dramatic scientific and technological advancements in the 20th century gave rise to an affluent material society, but it produced environmental problems at every corner of the world. On the other hand, the 21st century is regarded as the century of environment protection. Our laboratory studies include organic electrolytic synthesis — from the basics to advanced applications — and the use of electrical energy, instead of reagents containing heavy metals, to contribute to green chemistry.

Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
TAJIMA, Toshiki
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
 Chemistry, Green chemistry , Organic EL, Energy conversions    

Study Fields

Applied chemistry


For Society

The technologies our laboratory is researching are expected to be used for developing new drugs and functional materials as eco-friendly organic synthesis methods.


Research Themes