Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Analytical chemistry for monitoring the environment 

The conventional methods used to analyze environmental pollutants such as dioxins and hormone-disrupting chemicals are generally complicated and time-consuming. Another drawback is that samples of environmental pollutants have to be taken to a laboratory for analysis. However, a chemical sensor provides a simple way to measure the concentration of environmental pollutants by dipping the sensor into a sample solution. Our laboratory studies mainly concern the development of highly sensitive chemical sensors to rapidly and easily analyze environmental pollutants.

Applied Chemistry
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The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Society on Water Environment
Chemistry, Environment analysis, Sensors

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Applied chemistry
Environmental engineering
Biological engineering
Materials science and engineering


For Society

The microchemical analysis system that uses chemical sensors can be utilized for analyzing environmental and bio-related substances. It is an eco-friendly method of analysis because it requires small amounts of samples and discharges small amounts of waste liquids.

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