Applied Electrochemistry Laboratory

Making, measuring and observing electrochemical interfaces

The oxidation-reduction reaction, which is applied to devices such as batteries and sensors, occurs in a nanometer-thin layer (electrochemical interface) on the surface of an electrode surface. Therefore, it is important to control the interface structure and analyze its reactions to make devices smaller and function better. Our laboratory is using electrochemistry knowledge and measurement methods to analyze and solve problems in the existing reactions and interfaces, while designing and producing new electrochemical interfaces as well.
College of Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
IMABAYASHI, Shinichiro
Academic Society
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Polarographic Society of Japan
Energy conversion, Rare metals, Surface treatments, Clean energies, Sustainable, Chemistry, Recycling-based society

Study Fields

Applied chemistry


For Society

We use electrochemical methods and knowledge to a) conduct basic research on electrolysis and applying new electrodes and electrolytes to energy devices and b) develop technologies to recover rare earths.

Research Themes