Separation Systems Engineering Laboratory

Helping out behind the scenes

Operations that separate objects are used in a variety of fields, such as liquor distillation, fuel cells and water purifiers. Membranes are one of the things that assist these separation technologies. Our laboratory aims to develop membranes to improve the efficiency of separations. Separating things requires the creation of holes that are smaller than a nanometer. We are working hard every day to create intricate technologies that will contribute to the efficient use of water and energy resources.

Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
NOMURA, Mikihiro
Academic Society
Society for Chemical Engineers
The Membrane Society of Japan
The Society of Separation Process Engineers
Hydrogen Energy Systens Society of Japan
Water resources, Hydrogen, Environment, Ceramics, Global warming, Low-carbon society, Ecology, Energy conversion, Clean energy

Study Fields

Energy engineering
Chemical engineering
Materials science and engineering
Separation engineering
Applied chemistry


For Society

We should not expect that clean water will always be available naturally. When it is not, the simple water treatment membrane our laboratory developed can give people clean water anytime and anywhere.


Research Themes