Functional Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Creating new organic materials

Do you know what the world’s smallest necklace is? The answer is a molecular string of bundled molecular beads. This is possible in the tiny molecular world, which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Molecules combined together are called supramolecules. Our laboratory uses organic chemistry and supramolecular technologies to produce materials with novel functions. It is still a new area, and hence, it has many potentialities to tap into.

College of Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
KIDOWAKI, Masatoshi
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Society of Polymer Science
Japanese Liquid Crystal Society
Chemistry, New materials, Nanotechnologies, Polymers, Solar cells, Organic EL, Organic synthesis

Study Fields


Applied chemistry

For Society

The results of this research are expected to be applicable in a broad range of areas, from commonly used products such as films and paints to the latest thin display panels, actuators (artificial muscles), drug delivery systems and biomaterials.

Research Themes