Laboratory of Chemical Biology

Chemistry in biology

Only 2 percent of genomic information is translated into proteins, while 70 percent is transcribed onto RNA. This means that many of the unknown life functions are hidden in the RNA “jungles” which interact with chemicals to coordinate activities related to life. We aim to navigate through the “sea of genomes” using chemistry and look for “treasures” hidden in the RNA jungles.

College of Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
Keita Hamasaki
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japanese Society for Chemical Biology
American Chemical Society
DNA,RNA, Proteins, Genetic engineering, Protein engineering, Molecular biology, Spectroscopy, Intermolecular interactions, Chemical biology,

Study Fields

Chemical biology
Molecular biology
Synthetic Biology


For Society

Unraveling the relationship between chemicals and RNA, which controls gene expression, will give us information about how life evolved at the molecular level. Medical treatment tailored to patients based on genome information may be available in the near future.

Research Themes