Inorganic Chemistry of Materials Laboratory

 Exploring novel ways to make and recycle ceramics+   

Many ceramic components are used in the latest electronic equipment, but the process of making them is ridden with difficulties. Therefore, the concerned parties are trying to find easier ways to produce them at low costs. It is also important to develop methods to recover gallium and other rare elements used in electronic components such as white LEDs. Our laboratory is developing new methods to make ceramic materials and recover elements from the finished products by improving the reaction processes and reaction devices.


AffiliationApplied Chemistry
Faculty NameKIYONO, Hajime
Academic SocietyThe Ceramic Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
KeywordCeramics, New materials, Light-emitting diode, Recycling

Study Fields

Applied chemistry
Materials science and engineering

For Society

We are developing new methods to make ceramics for use in white LEDs and next-generation semiconductors and to recycle rare elements, thereby contributing to energy and resource conservation.


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