Laboratory of Molecular Assemblies

Manipulating intermolecular forces to create highly changeable crystal space groups

Crystals are often thought of as unchangable solids, but by skillfully designing the interactions between molecules, we can create dynamic materials that are able to shape-shift and capture a variety of small molecules. Therefore, our research focuses on introducing metal ions and fluorine to synthesize new molecules with more efficient molecular uptake. Molecular crystals with beautiful colors that behave in unimaginable ways possess novel functions that will help protect the environment.

Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
HORI, Akiko
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
The Crystallographic Society of Japan
Chemistry, Environment, Crystal engineering, Nanotechnology, Organic synthesis

Study Fields

Applied chemistry
Crystal engineering
Molecular engineering
Materials science and engineering


For Society

The world is full of molecules. Useful and harmful substances need to be differentiated at the molecular level, while also taking the environment into account. One of the missions of chemistry is to fully understand and manipulate weak interactions between molecules.


Research Themes