Computer Assisted Communication Laboratory

 Striving for expressive communication

In vocal communication, it is important to convey not only textual information but also psychological information such as emotions, intentions and attitudes. In our laboratory, we gather voice samples, perform acoustic analyses and conduct impression evaluations on the expression and recognition of psychological information. We also analyze the mental states of speakers and listeners with the goal of achieving more expressive forms of communication. The findings we obtain will be used in language learning and to support communication by people with disabilities.

College of Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name
ISHII, Akemi
Academic Society
The Phonetic Society of Japan
Acoustical Society of Japan
Voice, Emotion analyses, Welfare engineering

Study Fields

Vocal information processing
Welfare Information studies

For Society

Conveying and understanding psychological information such as emotions and attitudes is important to achieving smooth interpersonal communication. The mission of our laboratory is to conduct basic research and create applications that serve this purpose.


Research Themes