Design Promotion Laboratory

Visualizing the knowhow about designs

When you are engaged in creating designs in a professional capacity, you acquire the knowhow akin to “craftsman’s intuition.” This is called “tacit knowledge.” Visualizing this type of knowledge (converting it into explicit knowledge) will help in the understanding of what it takes to produce good designs. Our laboratory’s main research subject is to visualize this tacit knowledge.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name ASHIZAWA, Yusuke
Academic Society Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Society for Design and Art Fusing with Science and Technology
Human Ergology Society
International Association of Project and Program Management
Keyword Project design, Business schemes, Human-centric designs, Service design, System development, Affective value creation, Regional industries, Teaching material development, Business formation

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When we are overloaded with work every day, it is difficult for us to convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. However, explicit knowledge generated based on tacit knowledge can be used in formulating design philosophy and design view sheets, in addition to planning for the development of human resources.

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