Robotics System Design Laboratory

Designing smart spaces with robotics and information technology

What is a robot? Various kinds of robots are currently being researched and developed. Their common functions include the observation of surrounding situations, judgment-making based on the observations, and actions to impact the surrounding environment to attain the established objectives. From this viewpoint, we are conducting research on making a space itself intelligent by fusing robotics and information technology, irrespective of robot shapes — humanoid or animal types.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Robotics and Information Design Course)
Faculty Name SASAKI, Takeshi
Academic Society The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Robotics Society of Japan
Architectural Institute of Japan
Keyword Human interaction, Human interface, Interface design, Ubiquitous, Robots

Study Fields

For Society

If we have spaces that watch over people, we will be able to realize the concept of safe towns, which can bring peace of mind to people. If transportation systems become intelligent spaces, they can make car navigations more effective and alleviate traffic jams.

Research Themes