Functional Capabilities and Design Laboratory

To develop technologies for manufacturing products that are useful to society

Our aim is to develop technologies that are useful and relevant to society through research on manufacturing and material processing. We are working on their specific applications in medical equipment, such as devices to fix the position of bones and stents, which secure the flow of blood among other functions. The devices must be safe to use and cost effective. They also must be controlled and designed in a way that they can maximize the performance of the materials used. We are conducting the aforementioned research with students at our lab.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name YOSHIHARA, Shoichiro
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers / The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity / The Japan Institute of Light Metals
Keyword Micro-processing, Surface treatment, Biological materials, Plastic working, Coating, Biomaterials

Study Fields

For Society

To make products for practical use, we have to achieve research goals of various kinds. By attaining them one by one, we can be closer to making products for practical use – in our case, the development of medical equipment. 

Research Themes