Emotional Design Laboratory

Finding the secrets of manufacturing products that are loved by users in the long run

We are surrounded with many things, but how many of those are really necessary? Products in any genre should not only fulfill their required functions but also give the users a sense of comfort, satisfaction, and attachment. We are identifying the emotional factors related to using products under the theme of “why people are attracted to certain things.” We are also applying the research results to find ways to make products attractive by using engineering knowledge.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name HASHIDA, Noriko
Academic Society Japanese Society for the Science of Design / Japan Society of Kansei Engineering / Japan Society for Interior Studies
Keyword Affective engineering, Molding, Product designs, Universal designs

Study Fields

For Society

There are various factors that affect human emotions. By identifying them, we can develop methods of developing more attractive products and services. Making attractive goods and offering good experiences will help achieve a sustainable society.

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