Software Design Laboratory

Correctly designing software to support the modern society

Today, computer software is embedded everywhere in society. Just as it is important to design visible buildings, it is essential to correctly design software, which is invisible. How can we design something that cannot be seen? How can we confirm if the software developed is the correct one? To find the answers to these questions, we study various methods to improve the quality of software that supports the modern society.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Robotics and Information Design Course)
Faculty Name NODA, Natsuko
Academic Society Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
Information Processing Society of Japan
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
Keyword Software, Modeling, Embedded systems

Study Fields

For Society

Our research results will be used to develop tools and methods to design software that will be embedded in various electrical appliances and vehicles as well as software that commands systems for business operations.

Research Themes