Structural Design Laboratory

Exploring the social roles of architectural structures and their future direction through the study of structural designs

Our laboratory is engaged in various activities to address the needs of society by researching and developing technologies to design architectural structures. Students first investigate structural engineers in Japan and abroad who were active in the modern age and played important roles in the history of architectural structure development. Doing so will help them examine what social roles architectural structures should play. At the same time, we will explore which direction structural design technologies should advance in the future by surveying and preserving traditional architectures and developing new structural systems.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
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Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Managing Committee Shell & Spatial Structures
Architectural structures, Wooden architectures, Historical architectures

Study Fields

For Society

In architectural structures, there two aspects: “offense” and “defense.” The former means obtaining new spaces (for structures) and the latter means ensuring the safety of people and their assets. Architectural structures will develop with “offense” and “defense” playing important roles. 

Research Themes