Topology and Geometry Laboratory

Mathematics of shapes: geometry, topology and singularity theory

Topology is the area of mathematics to study the properties of shapes that do not change even when drastically deformed. In topology, triangles, squares and circumferences are regarded as the same. Also a coffer cup and donut are the same. Complicated train networks are shown as route maps at stations, which is indeed an approach taken by topology. We are examining the hidden properties of shapes, which are more abstract than curbed lines and surface we see, from the perspectives of topology and various geometry aspects.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
KUROKAWA, Yasuhiro
Academic Society
Mathematical Society of Japan
Topology, Geometry, Singularity theory, Differential geometry, Architectural geometry

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For Society

Topology and singularity theory are relatively new fields. Analysis of how shapes are formed and analyzing how they are joined will relate to various other fields. The analysis of curved lines and surfaces are applied to architectural designs.

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