Taira NISHIZAWA Laboratory

What are the new roles of architecture and major cities?

Our laboratory discovers new roles that large cities and architecture can play and ways to achieve the purpose of those roles. Building cities and architectures after conventional styles is the source of the problems that cast dark clouds over your future (such as difficulty in finding jobs, poverty, issues related to disasters and hazards of nuclear power plants, bullying and other group-related problems, environmental pollutions and wars, etc.). But, throughout the history of humankind, cities have provided a place for survival, where public peace is assured by guaranteeing food and work to anybody who chooses to live there. We will examine the roles that cities can play in the modern era.
Affiliation Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name NISHIZAWA, Taira
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
Keyword Urban planning, Architectural designs, Theories

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For Society

For society, university laboratories are close-to-non-profit volunteer organizations, unlike commercial organizations such as companies and consulting firms. Our laboratory conducts research and makes plans that commercial organizations cannot make.

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