Structural Engineering Laboratory

For safe future where people can live with a peace of mind

Many architectural buildings made with reinforced concrete have been constructed in modern era. Examining the mechanism of failures in reinforced concrete structures has progressed in recent years, but there are unknown areas still remain in the mechanism. We are making pillars, beams and sections bonding pillars and beams and actually applying force on them as part of experiments and analyses. Based on the research results, we are making proposals on methods to design earthquake-resistance structures for making a better living environment where people can live with a peace of mind.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
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Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Concrete Institute
Architectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structure, Reinforced concrete structures, Safety, peace of mind, Structural mechanics, Prestressed concrete structures, Disaster preparedness, Disaster mitigation, Durability

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For Society

Many stylish buildings have been designed in recent years. We will help develop technologies to equip robust earthquake resistance capabilities to buildings without compromising the excellent designs. 

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