Project Design Laboratory

Aiming to contributing to society through architectural projects

Our laboratory will explore methods to solve various social problems related to regions, developing nations and disaster-struck areas by carrying out architectural projects based on broad architectural knowledge. The research topics include “Regenerating the ecosystems and implementing the energy shift to overcome the problem of the quality of livelihood being compromised by environmental destructions (environmental pollutions)” and “Regeneration and reconstruction of streets and houses destroyed by natural disasters” and “Architectural approaches to international problems.”
College of Engineering
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Satoru Yamashiro, Michiko Okano, Keita Aoshima
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Architects
Project designs, Architectural designs, Building designs, Environment improvements, Reconstruction of disaster-hit areas, International contribution, Regional communities, Urban regeneration, Urban designs

Study Fields

For Society

Based on our wide architectural knowledge, we will propose solutions to various problems, for example, the use of vacant homes in Japan, the building of housings catered to the needs of the elderly, the compiling of disaster mitigation measures and environmental destructions brought on by the rapid urbanization in developing countries.

Research Themes