Design science in Architecture and urban studies

Scientific examinations of space designs

We conduct research on planning and design methods pertaining to urban architectures and determine the kind of collaboration required in the designing process. Moreover, we develop technologies that can support such research, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The targets of our research are not only designs for creating new space but also architectures and spaces we have inherited from our predecessors for repairing and adding new value, so that we can pass them on to future generations.
Affiliation Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name SHINOZAKI, Michihiko
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
The City Planning Institute of Japan
Association of Urban housing Sciences
Keyword Space, Design science, Virtual reality, Urban regeneration, Cityscapes, Computer simulations

Study Fields

For Society

Our research results are utilized for planning housing projects in Japanese and Asian cities, designing the cityscape of historic cities and regenerating urban cities.

Research Themes