Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Aiming to make better structures for architectures

We are specializing in structural and earthquake-resistance engineering with our focus being the safety of architectures. We research ways to evaluate and improve the earthquake resistance performances of architectures (seismic performance), pursuing to gain knowledge that will contribute to reducing damages from earthquakes and to preparing urban cities for temblors. Moreover, we are conducting research on resource recycling-based buildings, in which industrial wastes are recycled as building materials, in our efforts to make architectures eco-friendly.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
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Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Concrete Institute
Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
Safety, peace of mind, Architectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structures, Structural mechanics, Concrete, Earthquakes, Recycling-based society, Super high-rise buildings, Disaster mitigation

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We are developing technologies from the viewpoint of structural safety to realize such targets as living in safe housings when earthquakes hit or in higher skyscrapers than the existing ones and making eco-friendly buildings by recycling wastes.

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