Architectural design laboratory

exploring the designs necessary for the future society.

We think about the architecture that is really necessary for the ever-changing society from various angles, focusing on design. We approach not only "how to build" but also "why to build" and "what should be built".Specifically, we study the relationship between modern architect design and the social situation at that time. In addition, we also carry out implementation projects for modern cities and regions.
Affiliation Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name INOKUMA Jun
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan, THE CITY PLANNING INSTITUTE OF JAPAN
Keyword Architectural design,Architectural planning,share,Community development,connection design

Study Fields

For Society

Architectural design is more than just building a cool building. Of course, that is important, but it is also a design to think about and realize a completely new way of living and working with an eye on a new era.

Research Themes

​Research on field sharing,  renovation design research, Architect design research