Housing & Environmental Design Studio / Laboratory

Knowledge gleaned from where people live: Leaving the desk to think about housing from where people live

Working on a plan to make comfortable housing only in your imagination will not lead to a tangible result in most cases. Based on this belief, we will go to places where ordinary people lead ordinary lives and spend time with those people to get many clues for making good housing — an approach known as fieldwork. Based on such fieldwork, we will write academic articles and think about architectural designs, which is an attribute of our laboratory.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Ecology, Space, Dwelling environments, Comfortableness, Landscape, Architectural planning, Cultural anthropology, Understanding of different cultures, Climate

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For Society

We will make useful suggestions about planning, regenerating and preserving housing and housing environments. We have accumulated know-how through our research in Japan and abroad on the reinvigoration of rural communities, the methods of reviving cultural landscapes and the conservation of traditional private houses for sustainable use. We use this knowhow when we participate in actual projects.

Research Themes