Building Materials and Construction Laboratory

From the cradle to grave of architectures

Buildings exist for a long time if we consider their planning to dismantlement. Selecting appropriate building materials, conducting suitable construction work in addition to inspection and repairing technologies for maintenance are indispensable for using buildings comfortably for a long time. Our laboratory is conducting research on materials and construction work to improve the quality and durability of buildings as well as on technologies to inspect, diagnose and repair existing buildings. Through the research, we aim to take care of buildings, form cradle to grave.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Society For Finishings Technology
Japan Concrete Institute
The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection
Concrete, Durability, Historical architectures, Construction methods

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For Society

We research non-destructive testing, which inspects and diagnoses the health of buildings without inflecting damages on buildings, and develop repair materials and construction methods to prolong the lifespan of buildings, all of which will help create a sustainable and enriched society.

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