Thinking about architecture by visiting sites where structures are being built and actually creating things

It is necessary to consider the health of residents and reduce the environmental burden when building architectures. Several research approaches are available to address this issue. However, our laboratory’s motto is to investigate, analyze and delve into what is actually done by professionals in pertinent architectural projects. At our summer study camp, we learn best ways to create things while repairing an old building.
College of Engineering
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
KANISAWA, Hirotake
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Building methods, Wooden architectures, Production systems, Development of educational programs, Interiors,Development of teaching materials

Study Fields

For Society

Our laboratory conducts various joint research projects in collaboration with other universities, industrial associations and non-profit organizations, etc. These projects involve the succession and evaluation of architectural techniques, development of measures to spread the renovation of houses rather than rebuilding them and creation of new technologies to build wooden architectural structures. All of these are useful to society although they are concerned with the basic areas.

Research Themes