Regional and Social Environmental Design Laboratory

Designing reciprocal relationships between the changing streets and people

We endeavor to solve the problems faced by cities and communities in Japan, which has matured as a society. Specifically, we conduct research on urban design methods that connect the changing urban spaces with the societal relationship in communities. Our research topics include the discovery of new social groups, regeneration of public spaces that are not used effectively and renewal of cities to deal with the aging society. Placing fieldwork at the center of our research, we carry out practical projects through communication with local residents, local government employees and specialists.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
SATO, Hirosuke
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
The City Planning Institute of Japan
Japan Society of Lifology
Urban planning, Community planning, Town development, Urban regeneration, Regional reinvigoration, Resident participation, Disaster preparedness in cities, Regional community, Town development regarding landscape as assets

Study Fields

For Society

Many of our graduates are doing very well in their jobs at local governments or private firms with regard to reviving flagging shopping districts and regenerating urban areas packed densely with buildings to avoid catastrophes at the time of a disaster.

Research Themes