Laboratory for Urban and Regional Sustainability

For building sustainable cities and regions

It is necessary to conduct investigations and research that transcend the academic boundaries to solve many problems faced by cities and regions so that they will be made sustainable. Our laboratory is conducting research from the standpoints fusing social sciences, regional sciences, humanities, engineering and architecture. Our research topics include the identification of factors necessary for realizing sustainable cities and local regions, the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of these factors, the analysis of relationships between the factors and the examination of relationships between urban spaces, humans and society.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Academic Society
The Association of Japanese Geographers
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Society of Environmental Science, Japan
Architectural Institute of Japan
Sustainable, Urban planning, Regional communities, Recycling-based society, Environmental burdens, Environmental analyses, Town development, Clean energy, Consumer behaviors

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For Society

We have developed performance indexes and methods to be used for evaluating regions for sustainability as well as technologies and system evaluations that help attain sustainability. They are being incorporated in the policies of the central and local governments.

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