Steel Structures Laboratory

Create smarter, safer and stronger steel buildings for a sustainable future

Due to their excellent structural properties, steel materials are widely used in large-span buildings and super high-rise buildings worldwide. However, to fully utilize the excellent performance of structural steel, proper design and fabrication are essential. Our laboratory conducts research to pursue a design and fabrication method to economically achieve safer and more secure steel structures by full use of advanced experimental and computational approaches.
Affiliation Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name ASADA, Hyato
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan, Japanese Society for Steel Construction, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering, The Japan Society for Seismic Isolation
Keyword Steel Structures、Seismic resistant structures、Earthquake Engineering、Welded Structures、 Structures with Passive Energy Dissipating Systems、Seismic Isolation

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We will develop superior structural design methods to achieve high-quality buildings. Also, contribute to sustainable manufacturing by promoting advanced technologies such as robotics and creating quality control rules commensurate with the rationalization of fabrication.

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