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What are buildings that are safe against earthquakes?

“Earthquake, thunder, fire and father” – Japanese people in the past cited three things and one person who they fear most. Earthquake is one of them. In Japan, one of the nations frequently hit by earthquakes, people have particularly been worried about earthquakes that would bring major damages. Indeed, there has been a catastrophic earthquake once every several years. Our laboratory is studying how to make earthquake-resistant buildings by conducting experiments on the building structures and analyzing simulations conducted to find best way to safeguard buildings from earthquakes.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
KUMAZAWA, Fumitoshi
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
Japan Concrete Institute
Safety, peace of mind, Earthquake-resistant structures, Architectural structures, Earthquakes, Disaster mitigation, Super high-rise buildings, Seismic isolation, Computer simulations, Structural mechanics

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It is our ultimate goal to build robust towns, in which there will be no fatality when an earthquake of any scale hits Japan. It is particularly important when we consider how frequently Japan is struck by major earthquakes. We are hoping to be a part of efforts to realize this goal.

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