【Graduate School of Science and Technology】 Registration for the Fall Semester of 2024

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Registration for the Fall Semester of 2024

[Graduate School of Science and Engineering]
< Registration Period> September 12th (Thu.)  ~ October 4th (Fri.)
→Registration for fall semester, 3Q and 4Q classes are to be done through S*gsot.
< 4Q Class Add/Cancel Period>
November 13th  (Wed.) ~ November 29th (Fri.)
→Add or delete 4Q classes from "Scomb Questionnaire".
1) Add : November 13th (Wed.) ~ November 19th (Tue.)
2) Delete : November 20th (Wed.) ~ November 29th (Fri.)
① Fall semester classes will begin on September 28th (Sat.). Please note that it will take some time for the courses to be reflected in the Scombz LMS after registration on S*gsot, so please register at least  two days  before the starting class you wish to take. (Reference:  Web Timetable)
② Although your  research guidances automatically registered, you are required to check your registration status at least once during the registration period.
③ For registration on other major's subjects, you cannot register them on S*gsot. On registering for that, please answer the questionnaire (find the Questionnaire at the Scomb's Home on the left side of the page)
 1. Registration : September 12th (Wed.)~September 20th (Fri.)
 2. Cancel : September 25th (Wed.)~October 4th (Fri.)
You must obtain permission to take the subject from other majors from the lecturer- in-charge of the class in advance. If you need contact information for a faculty member, please use  the contact form and ask us. If a student applies for a subject without permission, the subject may be canceled.
④For some courses, enrollment restrictions are set. If you wish to enroll, please apply for the lottery via the ScombZ survey. The lottery results will be notified by email at a later date. Successful applicants will have their enrollment registered by the Graduate School Office. (Self-registration is not required.) Courses with additional recruitment will have the list updated by Thursday, September 26th. The enrollment method will also be added, so please check it.
⑤During 4Q Class Add/Cancel Period, the Scomb questionnaire will be opened during the period. Students who wish to add a subject must apply for registration during Period 1) on the above table. If a student wishes to cancel a subject after attending the first class, please submit a request for cancellation during Period 2).
⑥If you have not responded to the self-evaluation questionnaire for the Spring Semester of 2024, you will not be able to register for the Fall Semester of 2024. If you have not responded to the questionnaire yet, please make sure to do so during the registration period.
⑦In principle, the annual registration limit is 20 credits, except for research guidances. Since S*gsot does not allow students to register for more than 20 credits, please contact the Graduate School Section via the contact form below if you wish to register for more than 20 credits.
You must also obtain permission from your academic supervisor whether or not you are allowed to exceed the maximum registration limit.
Be sure to include your reason for the application in the inquiry form.
⑧Please follow all schedules strictly. Please note that we will not be able to handle registration or deletion after the deadline.
⑨If you have any inquiries regarding this matter,  please use the contact form below