Ujwal Kumar received "Selection for a exchange visit to Silicon Valley and Stanford University" at GTIE.

  • Innovative Global Program

Ujwal Kumar(IGP)

Conference or Award Ceremony name
GTIE Silicon Valley Selection

Selection for a exchange visit to Silicon Valley and Stanford University

▲In Stanford HAI
Purpose of the research/presentation

I wanted to learn about Entrepreneurship and VC, So I created a business idea through GTIE training program.

Research Summary

We created a business model for finding microspaces(Small un utilized spaces) in urban cities through AI called AiCycle. These can be utilized for multiple purposes from micromobility like docomo bikeshare or EV charging stands to vending machines efficiently and at speed.

Things you learned at GTIE(Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem).

At GTIE we had lean launchpad training for entrepreneurship in Tokyo Institute of Technology and we learnt about things like Financial Models, Business Trajectories and many more.
After that we had a final presentation competition against teams of other universities in GTIE like University of Tokyo, Waseda and many more for exchange to Silicon Valley.

Things you learned and felt during your training in Silicon Valley.
In Silicon Valley I was able to meet many investors and influential people like former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt and have dinner with Mr. Koichiro Nakamura co-founder of Sozo Ventures who have invested in Zoom, Grammarly and Twitter. I also visited Google Headquarters and learnt a lot about Google’s work culture. I was also able to exchange at Stanford and attend classes on AI and Entrepreneurship.  I also had the chance to particiapte in the Stanford BASES demo day where we presented our business idea with other Stanford Students. There is a lot of innovation and technology in Silicon Valley and I am happy to be able to feel it first-hand.

Future Prospects 
We are converting our business idea into a startup, and we want to create this service to help find microspaces and utilize them efficiently to change people’s lives and help the society. We hope our service can utilized by many people.

▲In GooglePlex google headquarters
▲With Eric Schmidt(Former CEO of Google)
Stanford BASES Demoday