Superconductivity Research Laboratory

Development of superconducting super-magnets

The research activity is focused on nano-structured superconducting super-magnets suitable for industrial applications and capable of making dramatic changes in the daily life. The technology opens up a way for more practical, economical, and reliable production. In this laboratory, students will participate on development of next generation superconducting super-magnets, their production, and characterization. These products have potential to be explored in several industrial applications in medicine, transport, and research. The new superconducting materials have a close relation to magnetic refrigeration, solar energy, high power transport cables, and possess capability to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve our environment.
Superconductivity Research Laboratory
Muralidhar Miryala
所属学会IOP Institute of Physics, UK


The high temperature superconducting magnets are useful for several industrial applications including healthcare (MRI, DDS, and others), transport, water cleaning, and research. These products are environmentally friendly and by far more energy efficient than existing magnets.