Urban Planning Lboratory

Researching urban planning systems that are conscious about “humans” and “spaces” 

We are conducting research on new systems regarding urban cities, environment and space based on basic urban planning and through interdisciplinary research combining other academic areas. By doing so, we aim to conduct research and provide education on practical urban planning for use in society. We have five research domains that we emphasize: (a) basic research on urban planning required of a university, (b) development of technologies for urban systems that correspond to the needs of a new age, (c) demonstration experiments conducted as a university in collaboration with entities in its neighboring areas, (d) visiting and learning from where actions are taken and (e) polishing the sensitivity to evaluate urban spaces with the five senses.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name SAKUYAMA, Yasushi
Academic Society The City Planning Institute of Japan
Japan Urban Design Institute
Keyword Urban planning, Urban regeneration, Land use, Space production, Aging society, Compact city, Urban environment, Urban landscapes, Urban design, Town developments using landscapes as assets

Study Fields

For Society

We are developing new systems regarding urban cities, environment and space to solve problems faced by most towns and to develop towns where residents feel comfortable to live in and can be proud of. When completed, the new systems will be applicable in various projects, such as those at the central and local governments, the private sector and among citizens.

Research Themes