Local Creation & Environmental Policy Laboratory

Let’s develop vibrant towns by using environmental and human resources in regions

Our laboratory is surveying and researching the processes or effectiveness of sustainable town development through the rejuvenation of farming and mountainous regions, which are hit by the declining population and industries, and the economic revitalization in regions with the use of environmental resources. To this end, we have taken practical approaches. For example, we are working on policy proposals on the preservation of natural environments, use of natural energies, reduction of garbage, revitalization of local shopping districts and improvement of transportation networks.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name NAKAGUCHI, Takahiro
Academic Society Society of Environmental Science, Japan
Japan Association for Planning and Public Management
The Japanese Society for Environmental Education
Keyword Environmental improvements, Regional reinvigoration, Low-carbon society, Transportation planning, Ecology, Resident participation, Recycling-based society, Energy saving, Regional planning

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Students participate in regional reinvigoration projects, analyze data gained from interviews and questionnaires and provide clues to formulating successful and effective environmental policies as well as suggestions to build sustainable communities. Their activities are useful in promoting effective activities taken by local governments and residents.

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