Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems

Data/Simulation LaboratoryICHIKAWA, ManabuSimulations, Crisis management, Artificial intelligence, Agent-based, Gaming, Data science, Medical care, Disaster preparedness, Geographic information systems, Disaster mitigation
Structural engineering system LaboratoryISHIKAWA, YujiArchitectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structures, Reinforced concrete structures, Wood structures, Material mechanics, Precast construction methods, CFT (concrete-filled tube) structures, Earthquake-resistant reinforcement, Ultra high-rise buildings
Energy System Analysis LaboratoryIWATA, TomokoLow-carbon society, Energy control, Energy saving, System engineering, Smart grids, Simulations, ICT (information and communication technology), Regional communities
Economical System Science LaboratoryKOYAMA, YusukeEconomic systems, Consumer behaviors, Statistics
Urban Environmental Engineering LaboratoryMASUDA, YukihiroSustainable, Recycling-based society, Resilience, Environment improvements, Crisis management, Energy saving, Global warming, Urban environments, Heat-island phenomenon
Laboratory of Architectural Space DesignMATSUSHITA, KiwaArchitectural designs, Building designs, Sustainable
Local Creation & Environmental Policy LaboratoryNAKAGUCHI, TakahiroEnvironmental improvements, Regional reinvigoration, Low-carbon society, Transportation planning, Ecology, Resident participation, Recycling-based society, Energy saving, Regional planning
Laboratory of Planning for Urban and Regional ResilienceNAKAMURA, HitoshiDisaster mitigation, Urban planning, Town development, Safety, peace of mind, Regional revitalization, Regional planning, Regional communities, Urban regeneration, Urban designs
Urban Planning laboratorySAKUYAMA, YasushiUrban planning, Urban regeneration, Land use, Space production, Aging society, Compact city, Urban environment, Urban landscapes, Urban design, Town developments using landscapes as assets
Architectural Design and Information Systems Laboratory (SAWADALAB)SAWADA, HideyukiArchitectural designs, Regional communities, ICT (information and communication technology), BIM (building information modeling)
Housing/Design History LaboratorySHINBO, AkikoDwelling environments, Historical architectural buildings, History of designs
Environmental Policy LaboratorySODENO, ReikoEnvironmental policies, Low-carbon society, Recycling-based society, Environmental improvements, Sustainable, Wastes
Urban Environmental Design LaboratorySUZUKI, ShunjiUrban designs, Urban environments, Cityscapes, Residents’ participation, Regional planning, Urban regeneration, Climate, Historical architecture, Land use