Algebraic Representation Theory Laboratory

Understanding things from the perspective of symmetry

The concept of symmetry can provide powerful clues when examining figures and spaces. For example, if a figure in a plane has the kind of symmetry in which it overlaps with the original figure no matter how it is rotated around a central point, this shows the figure is circular. Symmetry determines the shape of things to some extent. This perspective has resulted in surprising identity equations and solutions to various equations. The goal of our laboratory is to study structures defined by symmetry and to use this to solve specific problems.
Faculty of Engineering Mathematical Sciences
Faculty Name Hironori Oya
Academic Society Mathematical Society of Japan
Keyword Mathematical science, Algebra, Geometry

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 Students will learn general and rigorous mathematical methods by converting specific examples and sensory explanations into abstract statements. Seminars also teach students the skills needed to construct logic without fudging.

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