Smart manufacturing systems laboratory

Striving to develop revolutionary processing systems that create new value

Design and manufacturing technology is indispensable to being able to use materials to create whatever machinery parts one desires and create original mechanical systems. Our laboratory is engaged in research on manufacturing science, material function design and machine element/lubrication with the goal of creating innovative production and processing technologies based on vibration engineering and tribology. We aim to scientifically systematize mechanical element design and manufacturing technology, and create new technological foundations.

Affiliation Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name SAKAI, Yasunori
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering
The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology
Keyword Intelligent machine system, Production and processing, Tribology, Material function designs, Vibration control, Mechanical function elements

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Design and manufacturing technologies are important to the foundations of manufacturing. Our laboratory aims to create new value and technological innovations in a variety of industries through the advancement of processing technology.

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